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Terms and Payment Options



You may be aware of the current issues with receiving products from overseas, there is a shortage of containers. Due to this Supply and Demand situation, the Shipping Companies have added additional charges and premiums.

We’ve actually been dealing with this for months and have been trying to adjust things to absorb these extra expenses, but at this point they have increased to a level that is above and beyond what we can absorb. The current cost is 500% over the normal cost.

In 41 years, MeraVic has never added a surcharge of any kind. However, we find it necessary to add a 5% Temporary Container Surcharge to all orders as of August 4, 2021.

The decision to do this was not made lightly, we struggled with the decision, but felt it was important to provide you with your NEW holiday products for the 2021 Fall and Christmas Season.

We are doing our best to deal with these recent developments and are trying to keep the costs down. We don’t know what the future holds, but hopefully this is only a temporary situation.

Vicki Digby
Founder & CEO

Credit Cards accepted: Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Net 30 available with approved credit.

Dating Terms available - buy now - ship now(asap) - pay later.

Silk Dating due April 1 (available on Silk and Home Décor Line – items that begin with T, E, A, M) June 15-December 31;

Christmas Dating – two options based on order total (available on Fall and Christmas Line – items that begin with F, R, V, A) January 1–July 31:

1-Christmas Dating option- $2,000 or more order - 3 payments: 1/3 due 10/1, 1/3 due 11/1, Balance due 12/1

PayPal Accepted – Log-in to your PayPal account and send a payment to: Payment@MeraVic.com
or email us direct for a PayPal Invoice to take advantage of possible PayPal direct offers and promotions.